Big Cutout


Bees can sometimes take up residence a little too close for comfort to their human neighbors. In circumstances like that, we relocate the entire hive to a more bee friendly environment in one of our bee yards. When we do a bee removal, we remove both the bees and all the comb. This is important since leaving honeycomb behind will result in leakage of honey and attraction of other insects. Exterminators who do bee removals just kill the bees and leave the comb behind for you to deal with. We have removed over than five gallons of honey from some of the removals we have done. You sure wouldn’t want that to be left in your wall. If you have a hive that needs to be relocated, contact us and we will do our best to remove your bees at a fair and reasonable price. We are respectful of your property and you are welcome to ask if you’d like to know what steps we will take to remove your specific hive. Contact us through email, text message, or phone call.

Leave the bee removal to us!