Cap and Lock

CapLock Honey resulted from a hobby of David Matlock and Chuck Pourciau. We are hobby beekeepers and we sell bees, honey, and hives to people throughout our region of the United States.

Our Honey is simply a byproduct of the hobby we enjoy and are passionate about. It just so happens that it’s the best honey you’ve ever tasted.

We take pride in our treatment free beekeeping practices. No chemicals, medicines, or other unnatural products are put into our hives. While this method of keeping bees is in the minority, we are convinced it’s the right way to take care of an important component of our eco and food systems. If you would like to know more, just contact us. We love talking about bees.

Besides just selling bees, beehives and honey, we also do bee removals. Sometimes bees can take up residence a little too close for comfort to their human neighbors. In circumstances like that, we will relocate the entire hive to a more bee friendly environment in one of our bee yards. We remove both the bees and all the comb. This is important since leaving honeycomb behind will result in leakage of honey and attraction of other insects. Exterminators who just kill the bees leave all this behind for you to deal with later. We have gotten more than five gallons of honey from some of the removals we have done. You sure wouldn’t want that to be left in your wall. If you have a hive that needs to be relocated, text, phone, or email us.